Our Story

Welcome to Smitten Cosmetics. A Skincare and Makeup line, that creates a synergy for women; who want their skincare to nurture and replenish and then to find delight again, in makeup and colour that reflects the endless possibilities of their personality. Let me invite you to the Smitten Way; browse the Smitten website, savour the benefits of the Rebalance and Rejuvenate ranges, relish in the exclusive Whipped Mousse and colour palette and seek one of the extraordinary Stockists close to you, for their professional guidance and endless style and panache. Let Smitten Cosmetics charm and inspire you.

I have long held the belief that intelligent skincare and beautiful makeup can be produced at a cost where everyone can benefit and feel good about the results, that come from seeing your reflection in a mirror or compliments from loved ones and strangers.

Smitten Cosmetics reflect all that is glorious about women and aims to enrich the lives of those who use it. I have endeavoured to offer a stunning range of cosmetics that is as naturally based as possible. I use the finest ingredients and with pleasure, present it to you in packaging that captivates.


Smitten’s Vision

To continue to create and grow in a way that will sustain the quality of Smitten Cosmetic’s special range of Makeup and Skincare. Through reflection and listening to Salons and Clients; Smitten aims for ongoing refinement and improvement of its range; in a holistic and balanced fashion.

It is Smitten’s vision to delight in and celebrate Salons that support Smitten, and inspire, nurture and inform the loyal women who use Smitten Cosmetics; through knowledge and life long learning, reflecting the mission statement, working hard, being kind, giving back and asking questions.

To champion the Smitten Way for every woman – Create, Nurture, Delight

Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest

Caroline Stanbury
Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Godmother, Friend, Beauty Therapist, and CEO
Smitten Cosmetics