Magnetic Eyeliner & Eyelashes Kit


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New Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes by Smitten
with innovative eyeliner magnetic technology.

Available in three different styles:

Natural Glam:
These medium length lashes are fantastic for a natural look.

Classic Look:
These small medium length lashes will have you batting your lashes like a Hollywood Star.

Full Glam:
As the name suggests these are Full Glam luscious long length and stunning fullness.

  • With 5 magnets and a stunning long stay liner they are easy to apply and won’t irritate your eyes.
  • When properly cared and stored, these magnetic fake eye lashes can be used again and again for up to 20 times.
  • Vegan, Lightweight and Comfortable: These magnetic eyelashes are ultra-Lightweight you won’t even notice you have them on.
  • Magnetic Eyeliner is fast drying, waterproof, resistant to sweat.

How to Apply

  1. Onto clean dry skin use the magnetic eyeliner to draw on your liquid liner above your eyelashes. Make sure you have enough product in the inner and the outer corner.
  2. Place a little extra liner directly onto the lashes in the inner and outer corner.
  3. Using your fingers place the lash directly onto the black liner starting from the inner corner and work out. Press them into place. You may need to hold the inner corner and press this bit down a few times.
  4. Don’t fiddle with them too much as they dry they will be more secure.
  5. Take off using your tweezers.
  6. Use Smitten Cleansing Oil with a cotton bud or pad and swipe along your upper lash-line until the eyeliner is gone. Gently massage the oil into your own lashes to promote growth.
  7. Do not clean the false eyelashes with oil this will damage the lashes. Simply place back in their compact for use another day.


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