Rebalancing and Refining Serum


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A lighter blend for Combination to Oily skin

This luxurious 100% natural blend of botanical oils will aid in the rebalancing of your skin type.

Often when we have oily skin we think that oil is the enemy… nothing could be further from the truth.  It is the balance of the oil that needs to be addressed for young, oily and combination skin types.  If you strip the skin of it’s natural oils by using a cleanser which is too harsh (remember that dry, tight feeling when you thought your face was clean.. read on) then you are actually stripping the skin of the acid mantle.  This is the skins’ natural defence againt free radicals chemicals etc etc in the air – ie the oils in the skin keep the ‘nasties’ from entering your skin and therefore your blood stream.

What does this mean?
If you strip the skin your brain will make more oil! Yep….so using a skin product that make you feel dry and tight… will make your skin break out!

The Solution
Using Smitten’s Serum in the evening, will help rebalance and refine your skin… and no adding oil will not make you break out! Your body will take what it needs and disperse what it doesn’t… just like taking vitamins.

Directions: Morning and night following Smitten cleanse and rebalance mist disperse a small amount of serum and gently massage onto your face and décolletage .

Morning: Apply Smitten mineral makeup directly onto the oil for a dewy finish.

Evening: Leave on overnight for maximum impact and gently dab around your eyes as your eye cream.


Contains: Rosehip oil, Vitamin E (natural non GMO) Evening Primrose oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Geranium essential oil, Juniperberry essential oil.


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