Rejuvenate Anti-Ageing Skincare Pack


Great Value buy everything you need for your anti-ageing daily skincare routine in one pack. Cleanser, Mist, Exfoliator, Day Moisturiser and Serum for evening.

Rejuvenate Cleanser 200ml
Rejuvenate Mist 200ml
Exfoliator 100ml
Moisture Plus 50ml
Rejuvenate Serum 30ml
Plus 1 x Face Off Micro fibre Smitten face wipe

All in a reusable Cosmetic Bag


Save $60 off  Anti-ageing daily skincare pack.  This is everything you need for your daily anti-ageing skincare  routine. All made in Western Australia by Australians for specifically for Aussie skin conditions.

Smitten Rejuvenate products are designed to be anti-ageing and protective for maturing skin types. Full of gorgeous botanical oils Rosehip, Jojoba, Macadamia plus Essential Oils Frankincense, Rose Geranium and many more amazing ingredients.

This pack targets skin concerns of pigmentation and anti-ageing. 
Nourish your skin with our creamy nourishing Cleanser, then add a pick me up with our Hydrating Mist, plus gently exfoliate with our jojoba wax beads Exfoliator and finish off with either Moisture plus to lock in your natural oils or our amazing liquid gold Rejuvenate Serum. Natural Australian made skincare at its best.


  1. Double cleanse your face with Rejuvenate Cleanser morning and night.
  2. Mist your skin to remove extra cleanser. Smitten Mist is perfect any time of day to give your skin a ‘Pick me up’ or to refresh your foundation. Simply spray and press into your skin don’t wipe it off.
  3. Morning: Apply Smitten Moisture Plus Moisturiser
  4. Apply Smitten Foundations
  5. Evening: Skip the Moisture Plus and apply Rejuvenate Serum all over the face and décolletage. Gently dab around and over your eyes and eyelids as your night cream. Any excess rub into the back of your hands… this product is liquid gold for your skin!
  6. Exfoliate 3 times a week after your cleanse. DO NOT over exfoliate your skin as it will dry your skin out and can cause premature ageing.



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