Our Lashes Collection of quality products gives our customers the gift of gorgeous Lashes.

We have something for everyone from light Mascara right through to dramatic!
Experience our 3 Levels of Luscious Lashes:


Keratin Mascara

Promotes lash growth, strengthens and nourishes. The mascara’s Keratin leaves a clear gloss on your lashes, while increasing the volume.

Natural Mascara


Hollywood Eyes Mascara

Contains the highest quality Bees Wax, which not only moisturises but also promotes healthy lashes and in turn lash growth. This Mascara is long lasting and water resistant. Suitable for sensitive eyes and oh so easy to remove with water and cottonwool.

Hollywood Eyes Fibre Lash Extending Mascara Smitten Cosmetics Australia


Hollywood Eyes Fibre Lash Extending Mascara

One of our BEST SELLERS! You receive 2 products in one pack: Black Gel Mascara and Fibre Lash Extender. Use together for dramatic long lashes! Add up to 300% length to your lashes.