We all like to look our best…right?

We don’t have the Kim Kardashian lifestyle of furs, fabulous lunches and perfectly applied contouring…so here are some ideas which will empower you  every morning keeping your  look fresh, awake and ready for anything!

  • Always wear sunscreen… this is incredibly important make sure you choose a foundation, or moistuirser, which has SPF in it. Smitten’s Whipped foundation has zinc in it for a 15+ protection and pure Australian minerals with an SPf of 20+. You can always touch up during the day with the pure Smitten mineral powder to take away shine and keep that SPF up.


  • Choose the correct foundation colour and blend it properly.  Nothing looks worse, in harsh day light or nasty fleuro office lights, than an orange face and bad demarcation line.  Make sure when buying your foundation you get the correct advice and check it in the daylight! The last thing you want is your neck a different colour to your face!


  • Avoid glittery dark eye shadow and dark heavy eyes these aren’t work appropriate.  Save your dark smoky eye for the evening. Experiment instead with a natural smoky eye; using matte light creams and browns a more classic look. Or subtle  plums and greys for a lighter lovely day time smoky.


  • Stay away from dark eyeliners.  This ties in with the above. Now this doesn’t mean you have to avoid eyeliner altogether just keep it light. Chocolate or slate make a good alternative to black and keep it under the lash line. Avoid dark liquid liner and the winged look…save it to ‘smoke ‘em out’ at drinks after work on Friday.


  • Avoid false eyelashes… seriously we have all seen ‘that girl’ who looks like she has just come out of a nightclub. Leave the falsies and opt for a good gel mascara or Smitten’s fibre lash extending mascara, if your natural lashes are just too sparse. .  Once again keep it subtle don’t go over the top avoid caking it on.


  • Yes to bright lipsticks… you don’t have to be completely natural looking during the day. A pop of colour can bring life and fun to your look without being inappropriate.  Use a liner the same shade as your lipstick and fill all over your lips to help keep your lipstick lasting longer.


  • Skip on the heavy highlighting and contouring (unless you have Kim’s makeup artist) this is hard to achieve really well every day when you are in a hurry. Opt for subtle bronzers and highlighters and subtle blushes…especially if you are going for a pop of colour on your lips.


  • Don’t ignore your eyebrows… we all know brows are the new black right…make sure you fill and sculpt these everyday. Perhaps leave off the heavy arched brow (depends on your workplace) but if brows are your thing then go for it.

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