Smitten Foundations

You haven’t lived until you have tried Smitten Foundations. We know it’s a big call but it’s true! 

✔️ All Australian made

✔️ All Vegan

✔️ All with SPF15+

✔️ All Cruelty free

And made by Australians for Australian skin conditions!


We don’t understand why so many foundation ranges are imported! It didn’t make sense to us to put a French or Italian foundation on our skin! What do these companies know about Australia’s harsh dry summers and cold, dry winters?  What do they know about Australian women’s need for rejuvenating and anti-aging skincare and our fight against pigmentation?

Smitten Solutions: We have x 3 amazing types of different foundations to suit your every need.
Why x 3? Well a girl has more than one pair of shoes… right? Different shoes for different days…just like our foundations.

We like to say that Smitten products are multi- talented and our foundations are no exception. Each one has a different use and added skin caring features. Smitten foundations are an extension of your skin care.

Complexion Perfection Foundation

✔️ Full Coverage liquid foundation

✔️ Suitable for all skin types

✔️ Anti-aging

✔️ Flawless all day semi–matte finish

✔️ Containing hyaluronic acid for extra hydration

More than coverage this foundation is like second skin . It feels light on your skin but still maintains full coverage. It resists sweat, heat and humidity it even stays on in Katherine in the Northern Territory and Bali!

Now that is staying power.

We recommend our CP foundation (as we abbreviate them to) for weddings,  special events and depending on your job to wear to work.  It will stay flawless all day and requires no touch ups!


Smitten Whipped Mousse Tinted Moisturiser (Foundation)

✔️ Exclusive formulation

✔️ Lightweight treatment foundation

✔️ Suitable for all skin types

✔️ 100% Natural Vegan skinfood

✔️ Unique mousse like consistency

✔️ Luminous finish


Our Whipped Mousse range is completely unique to Smitten! That’s right no one else has the formula it is exclusive to our brand. A lighter formulation than the CP it is more like a tinted moisturiser.

If you are after a lighter finish this is the product for you. We suggest you use this formulation on the weekends for a natural look. It’s fantastic for teenagers who are wanting to cover their blemishes and it will  help heal their skin at the same time. Being a lighter coverage it also means they can get away with wearing it to school when no makeup is allowed.

Reformulated in 2019 we proudly sing the praises of our Mousse foundation/tinted moisturiser. It is 100% natural and vegan and contains calming and destressing essential oils. It combines the benefits of an anti-aging cream with an immediate tone improver. Plus it can be used immediately after injectables, chemical peels and laser treatments…no need for a red face after waxing here is your solution!


Mineral Foundation  SPF15+

✔️ Vegan Loose mineral powder foundation

✔️ Normal, oily and hormonal skins

✔️ Resists sweat, heat and humidity

✔️ Natural, buildable coverage


Smitten minerals are AMAZING – They provide a medium to high coverage allowing the skin to breath and without clogging the pores. Our mineral foundation is fantastic to wear everywhere! Coverage depends on how much you put on. For a light coverage just a quick dusting with our kabuki or buffer brush. For fuller coverage apply more layers.
For a glowing look apply Smitten Rejuvenate or Refining serum underneath.

Smitten Mineral Foundation is for every busy women, everyday, everyplace, every activity – Yes that’s right, even the gym! Not only is this beautiful natural full coverage foundation full of active minerals, it is sweat proof, tear proof, swim proof and absolutely amazing for your skin. The more you exercise the more your foundation will blend with your natural oils.

And… we don’t only sweat at the gym… if you are menopausal and hormonal Smitten Minerals will stay on through the ‘sweats’…in fact they look better mixed with a little oil and perspiration.

We know you just can’t possibly resist trying Smitten Foundations but picking the colour can be tricky. With this in mind we have a simple guide here

Still need some help? We know you want to try our age defying, cruelty free, all Australian, foundations – but you’re not sure what colour or which one is right for your skin?

Follow this link to pick out a Sample Pack.

Plus don’t forget your perfect Foundation accessory for a flawless finish EVERY time!

Smitten Buffer Brush



Smitten Foundation mean you can go about your busy daily life feeling great, looking great and knowing your makeup is going to stay on.


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