Smitten natural, organic Refining Serum and Moisturiser are the key to soothing oily and combination skin types!

“I don’t need moisturiser because my skin is already oily.”

“I don’t want to use an oil on my face because I am already oily.”

Often when we have oily skin we think that oil is the enemy… nothing could be further from the truth.  It is the balance of the oil that needs to be addressed for young, oily and combination skin types. Smitten’s rebalancing range are the key to soothing oily and combination skin types.

Tight is not right
How does your skin feel after you have cleansed it? Does it feel tight and ‘clean?’

Yes? Oh dear – read on…

Sadly if your skin feels this way it’s not actually “clean,” like you thought, but you have stripped the skin of its natural oils by using a product that is too harsh.

You are actually stripping the skin of the acid mantle.  This is the skins’ natural defense against free radicals, chemicals etc etc in the air. – The oil in the skin keeps the ‘nasty’s’ from entering your skin and therefore your blood stream.

What does this mean?
If you strip the skin of its natural defense your brain will make more oil! Yep….so using a skin product that makes you feel dry and tight… will make your skin oilier!

Sadly the media, pharmacies and supermarkets are full of these sorts of products that claim “oil control” and  “blemish clear.” Many will just dry out your skin. For a little while you may see some improvement but ultimately your skin will flake and then get worse. What you need is Smitten’s natural, organic refining serum to soothe your skin.

This is an excellent article 

Moisturiser Myths
“I don’t need moisturiser because my skin is already oily.”
We have already established that your skin and your brain like oil right? So here is the thing a moisturiser actually works to keep your natural oils in on your skin. Why is this good? Because the brain doesn’t go crazy and make more oil you will actually have less oil being produced by using a moisturiser. It needs to be light and not too heavy on the skin and hopefully contain SPF. Smitten’s Moisturiser will do just this natural, Australian made and organic it will protect your skin and keep your natural oils in.



Smitten Natural Skincare  Solutions

Keep it simple:

In the shower cleanse with  Smitten Natural Rebalancing Gel Cleanser. Avoid foaming cleansers as they often have sodium laurel sulphate in them which will strip the skin (see above). Then disperse a small amount of Smitten’s organic natural Day Moisturiser and gently massage onto your face and décolletage.
Follow with Smitten Foundation.

We know it’s a drag but cleanse your face again. If this is too hard, spray Smitten Natural Rebalancing Mist and wipe with cotton rounds.
Then Apply Smitten’s Rebalancing and Refining Serum this will help balance your skin… and no, adding oil will not make you break out! Your body will take what it needs and disperse what it doesn’t, just like taking vitamins.

Leave on overnight for maximum impact and gently dab around your eyes your eye cream.

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