Why is my skin flaky?

Exfoliating is so important especially in our Australian winters. In the summer our skin naturally sheds because we sweat but in the winter we often get a build up of dry flaky skin. It doesn’t matter what moisturiser or Serum we put on our skin, if it can’t get in because of dead skin cells, it’s not going to work.

I want to tell you a little story of a very dear, relatively new client and friend, of my beauty salon. She came to me a few months ago for her first facial and we discussed her lifestyle and how she felt about her skin.

She spends a lot of time outside with  dogs and horses. She complained that her skin was always feeling dry and hard. We did a Smitten Rejuvenate Facial for her and sent her home with the Rejuvenate facial Range.

She messaged me a few times over the coming weeks telling me how great her skin was..then life got in the way..as it does. She came down with a nasty flu and missed her 4 weekly facial and then it was 8 weeks before she knew it.

She came to see me last week and was telling me her skin felt dry and flaky. I was so surprised as the products had been so good in the first month or so and and I knew that the more she used them the better her skin should have felt. However, looking at her  skin it was  was dry and flaky… so I asked a fatal question

“How often are you exfoliating?”

A look of guilt and despair touched her face…

 “Oh dear” she said, “I haven’t been exfoliating at all. I sort of forgot about that, does it matter?”

You see it really does matter – as Australians we are subjected to cold, windy winters which really messes with our skin. If you don’t exfoliate your skin a few times a week (according to your skin type see website for details) then your products are not going to be absorbed properly.

It is so important that you don’t miss this step – as my poor client and friend found out.

But make sure it’s a gentle exfoliator. Don’t ever use one that makes your skin feel tight and dry – if you do you will be stripping the acid mantle…but that’s a story for another day.

Smitten’s gorgeous gentle jojoba beads based exfoliator is free from micro beads.  Smitten is keeping our waterways healthy and our skin soft.

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