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Buffer Brush


The secret to an airbrushed complexion.

Smitten’s Buffer Brush is perfect for the application of a variety of makeups. You will enjoy a smooth, even streak free application when applying Foundations and Tinted Moisturisers with the Buffer Brush. With it’s dense, full and domed brush head, the Smitten Buffer Brush creates that ‘airbrushed’ finish.

Made from triple milled synthetic vegan fibres providing the highest standard and softest brushes ever felt.

VEGAN | not tested on animals | no animal hair

Australian Owned & Made Mineral Makeup Cosmetics
Vegan Natural Makeup Cosmetics
Paraben Free Makeup Cosmetics
Cruelty Free Australian Makeup Cosmetics Skincare


Smitten’s Buffer Brush will have you applying your foundation like a makeup artist. Like most things about Smitten makeup we like to break the rules, there is no correct way of using this brush. That’s right around and around, up and down, side to side, you cannot get your foundation application ‘wrong’ when you apply it with this brush.

Recommended Products:  We recommend using the Buffer Brush to apply for the following products: Complexion Perfection Foundation, Whipped Mousse Tinted Moisturiser/Foundation, Whipped Mousse Bronzer, Whipped Mousse Illuminator Highlighter.

Directions:  We suggest you place a pea size amount of your foundation onto the top of the brush. Always apply to one side of your face, then do the same and do the other side of your face, Don’t forget your neck!. These are our recommendations however creative license is all yours, remember there are no rules. You can continue to layer your foundation using this method.

Guarantee: Our Buffer Brush is washed and protected using the finest protectants possible. Buffer Brush is guaranteed for 2 years!

Ongoing Care/Maintenance: Wash it once a week using a natural hair shampoo, leave in the sun to dry in natures antiseptic – sunshine.

1 review for Buffer Brush

  1. Carly J

    Absolutely LOVE this brush! Makes my foundation application absolutely flawless.

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